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Platform Features

Legisletter is a grassroots campaigning app that helps ordinary folks influence lawmaking. It's simple to use, personalizes your advocacy letters at scale, and connects your supporters directly with their representatives.

AI Editor

Enable your advocates to generate letters based on their personal stories.


Legislative Analysis

Enhance your messaging with data-driven legislative analysis.


Campaign Pages

AI-driven custom landing pages for your Legisletter campaigns.


Advocate Verification

Verify advocate eligibility even before they craft a letter.


Detailed Analytics

Visualize your advocacy campaigns at the district and state level.


Advocate Call Integration

Boost impact with advocate calls to legislators.


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Our mission is to enhance civic engagement by revolutionizing how grassroots supporters engage with legislators.

We understand that NGOs are at the forefront of leading transformative initiatives and societal advancements. Legisletter is tailored to facilitate your advocacy work, ensuring your voices echo throughout the halls of government.